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The owner of this site is an independent researcher. He is a retired physicist and spends his days with exploring the crypts of fundamental physics. Visitors are invited to react and criticize on the presented concepts.




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Physics of the Hilbert Book Model

This is the newest publication that concerns the Hilbert Book Model  project




Features of the Hilbert Book Model

This is a previous publication

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This e-book is a collection of papers that are also presented as separate papers on this site.

It contains the most recent version of these papers.

However, the most recent version of the main paper: The Hilbert Book Model is shown above as “Features of the Hilbert Book Model”.

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The first edition (19-12-2011) appeared in black and white under the title:

“The Hilbert Book Model”, with isbn: 978-1-4709-9876-9.

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A Full color version of this first edition appeared at Lulu.com under the title

“On the Origin of Physical Dynamics”, isbn: 978-1-4709-9911-7

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The stuff from which we are made

Essentials of the Hilbert Book Model

Features of the HBM

Slide presentation


Quaternionic Quantum Physics

The Concise Hilbert Book Model

What image intensifiers reveal

The author’s contribution

A completely new look on fundamental physics


Keywords (science):

Fundamental physics;quantum logic;quaternions;quantum mechanics;quantum gravity;emergent spacetime;




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The Hilbert Book Model is subject of an equally named group at LinkedIn

Intensified low dose X-ray image of the moon:



Another, more dynamic picture of an intensified image is given at


Warning; It is not a picture of an external object.





Documents and presentations (download)

How the Brain Works

The Hilbert Book Model

Hilbert Book Model Essentials


Essentials of Quantum Movement


The Cause of Gravitation


The Origin of Mass


The Origin of Physical Fields


Continuity Equation for Quaternionic Quantum Fields


The intriguing QPAD game It is a puzzle!


Cracks of Fundamental Quantum Physics

(and solutions)

This article appeared also as: Int. J. Emerg. Sci., 1(2), 62-72, June 2011 ISSN: 2222-4254

It is also published on http://scireprints.lu.lv/187/

On the origin of physical dynamics and the reason of existence of special relativity.

(This is a short version of “on the origin of dynamics.)

How the World Works

(This story treats the stuff of the next document without formulas.

However, this can only be done in the form of a tale.)


On the Origin of Dynamics, version1

The above document is published at: http://vixra.org/abs/1101.0055 .

On the Origin of Dynamics, version2

The above document is published at: http://vixra.org/abs/1101.0055 .


On the Origin of Dynamics, versionX


Optics compared to quantum mechanics


There exists a tendency in nature to reduce complexity


Physics and Religion


A bare bone vision on the origin of physical dynamics


Quantum Logic


Dynamic Quantum Logic contains conclusions taken on logical implications.


Remarkable things in quantum physics


 About the quaternionic continuity equation





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